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Since 2010,Our products have garnered positive feedback from customers in amazon.
We are currently seeking strategic partnerships with distributors who have a strong presence in CD player// boombox.

Partnering with us could be beneficial for you:
  • [Unique Selling Proposition]: Our products offer market abreast product which differentiate them from competitors in the market.
  • [Profitability]: Our competitive pricing and favorable terms ensure that our distributors can achieve attractive profit margins while offering our products to their customers.
  • [Support and Collaboration]: We are committed to providing our distributors with comprehensive support, including agent price,No MOQ for dropshipping, fast delivery.

Additionally, we view our distributors as partners and are open to collaboration on marketing initiatives and product development.
We look forward to the possibility of working together to bring boobox and  cd player to a wider audience.For whole sale,pls inquery:

Tel:+86 13243881084

Address:4J, 4th Floor, Building 1, Lingya Industrial Park, Tangtou, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen